Alisia Martinez

Andrew Lee

Alisia loves games, dogs, and the inevitable full dive VR system.

Project Lead, Lead Producer

Andrew is busy coding AI interactions and can't get us a bio right now. Coming soon!

Lead AI Developer

Daniel Chamberlin

Daniel is an avid gamer, film-geek, book-worm and everything in between.

User Experience Designer

Derrek Klauer

Derrek is enthusiastic about game design; with a focus on narrative development and procedural generation.


Audio Engineer

Graham Morris

Graham Morris writes things sometimes.

Lead Writer

Juan Rosales

Juan is a game enthusiast ranging from making games to competing in them.

Lead User Tester, Gestures

Julian Mourier

Julian is a digital artist who takes inspiration from his many digital and table top games.

Lead Environment Artist

Kelly Leung

Kelly loves hiking and Lift!

Character Artist

Shoshana Bortner

Shoshana is a 2D and 3D artist with a passion for creative ideas.

Lead Character Artist

Development and Design

Voice Acting

Duncan Smith

Jassi Samra

Ku'u Tai

Elisa McIsac


Lizzy Asarnow